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Hi, I'm Jo

I am a Galen Myotherapist based on the Kent/East Sussex border, easily accessible from the A21.

Galen Myotherapy is a combination of canine massage, functional exercises and lifestyle management which can help your dog prevent injury, keep mobile & manage pain. 
I am fully insured and registered with the IAAT

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The name Zen Canine Therapy was the brainchild of Holly (follow her here) and is borne of the initials of our two Labradors, Zeus & Nero, as well as tying in perfectly with the nature of the business. We have another dog, a great big bear of a Golden Retriever, he is unaware that his name is not involved but he will feature a lot in Zen’s social media as he is so wonderfully photogenic! 

Two of our dogs were diagnosed with arthritis and one of them also with proprioception issues and this, along with my own chronic pain, led me to Galen Myotherapy. I know first-hand the detrimental effect pain has on your life but I have found regular massage treatments and Pilates has made such a positive difference so I know that the hands-on treatments and functional exercises we do can be equally beneficial for dogs.

I love learning and there will always be something new to learn through continuing professional development, from the team at Galen and from the wonderful dogs themselves. In addition to my Galen Myotherapy diploma I have studied “Understanding Stress in Dogs for Canine Therapists” by Elaine Stavert; completed the “CAMadvocate” course by Canine Arthritis Management and have a full year of CPD in 2022 with SVPS Education.

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