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As someone who works and trains their dogs, I am passionate about preventing injuries and prolonging the working life of gundogs.

Regular maintenance treatments can prevent microtraumas becoming a problem later in life.


Even if your dog is showing no obvious signs of musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances, working dogs sustain minor injuries that we often are unaware of as they occur out of sight and they don't present with a lameness, e.g. a leg down a rabbit hole, an overstretch jumping a fence or ditch or carrying a heavy bird over uneven ground can start to cause problems that will shorten our dogs working life. These minor injuries build up over time and your dog presents with a lameness often out of the blue. Preventing injuries through warm ups, warm downs, keeping the dog warm between drives and at the end of the day combined with maintenance treatments can extend the working life, and prevent unnecessary pain, of those precious dogs we have poured so much time, love and money into.

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