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Assess gait, posture, transitions.


Recognise where there are imbalances, muscular issues, instability, weakness.


I treat the dog in front of me. There is no one size fits all.

Treatment & Prices

Individual Treatment Prices

Initial Assessment - £60

Subsequent Treatments - £50

(The document linked to the Signature Treatment Programme details all that is included in the Initial Assessment & Subsequent Treatments. 

Signature Treatment Programme

Includes an initial assessment plus three treatments. Three treatments are usually enough to bring about a positive change. The first session is a 'meet & greet' where your dog can get to know me, I carry out an assessment taking photos & videos and learn all about your dog and your desired outcomes. From this, I can develop a treatment plan. (click here for more info)

Maintenance Treatments

Many dogs benefit from regular maintenance treatments, the interval being dependent on the dog and their comfort levels. Maintenance treatments are also great for working and sporting dogs to help prevent injury and to prevent the build up of compensatory issues. (click here for more info)


Veterinary Consent

I only work with dogs that have a signed veterinary consent form. ​You can download the vet consent form here or I can send it on your behalf.  

Dogs often take their time to settle and give the therapist permission to treat them, this is especially common for the first treatment and so actual hands-on treatment time may be minimal but even a small can be incredibly powerful and bring about positive changes for your dog.

Treatment is the dog’s choice, I treat at ground level so they are free to leave. This approach allows the dog to be in control of their treatment and facilitates excellent results as well as buy-in from the dog. 


Your dog may display a variety of signs throughout the treatment. Some may be a neural response such as stretching, twitching or licking; some may be signs of relaxation and contentment and some may be signs of discomfort. I will keep a close eye on your dog throughout the treatment and stop or adapt treatment as necessary.

I have a dedicated garden treatment room with off-street parking and a dog secure garden however I will always visit dogs in their home if you have more than one dog for treatment or if you or your dog find travel difficult.

For travel over 10 miles there may be additional charges.


Whilst I appreciate that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, I would be grateful for as much notice as possible. Cancellations less than 24 hours before your appointment may be charged in full.

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